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I'm enjoying my precious moments of freedom and I'm sitting here at dad's, in silence and I'm having trouble about what I should do. I should probably study. But the most important file I have at my computer at mom's so... I guess that has to wait till Monday. Does anyone else have pre-working angst? I'm going to work tomorrow for a few hours and I'm literary going 'wtf where you thinking when you took this job?'. But once I start working, it feels fine.

I saw a Buffy episode today!!! Seriously, I miss this show like a long-lost sibling. I saw The Replacement and I think that's sort of lovely on so many levels. How Xander's feeling of being misplaced in his own life is paralleled with Riley and Buffy's relationship where Riley definitely knows that they are not in the same place. *sniff* I almost want to have a marathon, but the thing is that you then run into an episode that you think is sort of semi-good and then you sort of give up the project entirely. ... Or maybe that's just me.

If anyone has any superduper good fan fics or something like that, hand them over :) Doesn't necessarily have to be a shipper fic, but just anything. Hand it over, I'd love to read it. *misses fandom*
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From here on out, I vow to use my lovely LJ more frequently. I haven't checked my flist in forever and well... You know.

I came back a few hours ago from work (I work at Subway) and my legs are sore and I can't wait to go to bed. While I work and so on, I feel pretty productive and I don't working but before and after are pretty shit because you pretty much realize that you wouldn't do it unless you got money for it. After all, I don't work because I enjoy it - at least not at Subway - and it's probably one of the most tedious and unrewarding jobs you could have, working at a place like that. So much to think about and so much to do, and if you do it right, it's not like someone will compliment you.

I sort of discovered Adele's To Make You Feel My Love and I adore that song ♥ Why haven't I discovered this singer before?
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How will you be suspended from LJ? by Anonymous LJ User
Years on LJ
Hours left until your suspension17
Your crimePosting drabbles longer than 100 words.
Who reported youfrickangel
Your fateYou discover fresh air, real life, and true love.

I just had to do it, it seemed too awesome not to. I spent most of yesterday and today at my grandmother's summer cabin and I'll probably go back there tomorrow because... well, there's not much to do here. More summer stuff available over there and there's sun, water and just... my grandmother, delicious ice-cream etc. However, watching Supernatural there doesn't really work and I was excited about checking my email (waiting on some Snape/Lily fic betaing getting back to me) and well... I have to write that Master/Lucy fic like now so I don't get hanged when the ficathon end-date is up. Which I need to recheck by the way. Also, I wonder just how much of a shipper fic I can make that fic. Oh well.

Also, you people that work: Is part-time compatible with school? I'm thinking about applying for a job at McDonalds *groan* and they're looking for full-time and part-time workers and I was wondering if the latter would fit into my life so it doesn't like... crash with school.
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Huge happy birthday [ profile] motoredxheart! :D It's so wonderful that you have your birthday just before my own. Huge happy birthday and I wish you many wonderful presents :D

Sofia is here (I think her LJ username is [ profile] vadette) and we're having a ball. I'm so gonna make her watch Life on Mars *grin*

Tomorrow is my birthday and I get up at six to work *sigh* Oh well, despite that the people I'm working with makes my brain cells lessen, they're all right. But I've been there a week and I feel like it's been a year. I wish these three weeks could just end and that Sofia could stay till August :D

Anyway, I'll try and post tomorrow and tell you about all the stuff that happened :D
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I haven't written anything of substance for a few days but that's because I've been so exhausted by work that writing something about fandom or otherwise is nearly impossible. Right now, I'm on my lunch break and will soon get back. Once I get home, I'll continue to write on my Life on Mars story (spiced wih an essence of Doctor Who) and most importantly - take a shower. I've been cleaning away graffiti and I can honestly say that I loathe the bastards that put it there. There was dust everywhere, my hair feels like shit and my hands are dry.

Anyway, back to my Life on Mars story. I love Samland and the trouble I'm putting him through in my fic. I really feels like it could be an episode of Doctor Who, or Life on Mars. Maybe I feel that it might be a bit too close to the show, I don't know, but still... I have everything mapped out in my head and I can't wait to get it down on paper.

Currently, I've written 16 pages and 7018 words. I'm more than certain that the story will be over 10000 once I'm done. But it's drawing near the end of the story and I'm actually surprised how Sam/Annie centric the fic header will be when I post it. All the other pairings are more or less implied but Annie/Sam is not really implied because it's very true to their relationship on the show.

Also, before I forget: HAPPY LATE BIRTHDAY MR JOHN SIMM!!!! You own television.

2 days till my birthday *squee* And tomorrow [ profile] motoredxheart has hers *hugs* Lots of birthdays :D
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Happy birthday [ profile] entangled_now! I hope you'll have a fantastic one.

I started working on my other job today. Two hours later, I'm strangely exhausted. I'm working with one guy I "know" I went in the same class as him about... four years ago, called Joel. He's really kind and the other people I work with are from Obbola (our neighbouring "village") and are sort of... I wouldn't call them dumb but they seem to be the kind of guys that think blowing up things are cool and that working with engines is perhaps the best thing one could do.

The best part about today is that I found out that Joel has seen Life on Mars (!) I don't know how many episodes but I bet it's at least two because he remembered that Life on Mars by David Bowie was played during Life on Mars and he was giving me a short summary of the plot (quite accurately, which people don't tend to do over here). Totally made me squee. And he has his birthday close to mine (which I knew), so when his birthday's tomorrow, I have to remember to say 'happy birthday to him'.

Off to read Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.
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I think I made a bit of a fool of myself. There was a knock on the door and my sister opened. Then she called to me that I had someone that wanted to talk to me (the only reason anyone would do that unannounced would be if I'd killed someone and the police came to arrest me for murder, so you can imagine my shock since I have never, to my knowledge, killed anyone) and I went outside and it was my boss (he officially gains that title on Monday when I start working there) and he told me that I was gonna go work there and he gave me a description to where I was gonna be. I was a bit of a fool and Just... *chews lip* I said I was gonna start eleven *headdesk* I had been watching John Simm articles so my brain was totally not present. I mean, I KNOW that I start seven. *headdesk* Now I'm nervous if he said eight... but I doubt he did. Apparently he'd been trying to reach me on my cell but the battery is dead and also, I had been working.
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I'm sitting here, chewing on some chocolate (not the too tasty kind but then again, chocolate is chocolate) because I'm hungry and my mom isn't home yet and I have no idea what I can make so I'm doing the easy thing; eating small things until she gets home. The trouble is that the only "small thing" I can find was some chocolate and I'm not in the mood for that. And sandwiches bore me to death these days because... they are so common. But chocolate is nice so I shouldn't complain.

Oh, and welcome [ profile] entangled_now to my flist :D I hope you'll have a great time here :D

I posted a Master/Lucy fic before, so feel free to check that out :D I know I've been in a hyper Doctor Who mood these days, which is kind of awesome for me because... OMG! I STILL HAVEN'T FI... I'll stop there. Anyway, It's awesome because it has John Simm. And everything John Simm is awesome. David Tennant is also kind of awesome but nothing beats the Simm love. At least not in my universe.

Sadly, this puts Heroes on not such a hyperactive fangirling mode. Which is sad. Because I heart the show. I worked overtime today and yesterday and I will do that as well tomorrow so I'm not sure if I'll have the time. But I'll try to write something on my Micah/Molly fic later because quite seriously... if I don't start, I'll never will. Not that I'm bored or such, but it's difficult to get things the way I want them to because I have the awesome in my head but when I put it down on "paper", it turns out not as awesome as I want it. I want to tell my story and you know... show you guys why I think it's so great. But I feel like I'm in a writing mood so I suspect that I'll be in the mood to write some.

Also, I'm totally planning on writing a Life on Mars/Doctor Who crossover because it's the two best things from the same world. Sort of. I mean, the fic will totally almost write itself. IT'S THAT AWESOME!!!! I have these ideas, you see. *squees*

I really write too much for my own good. I'm also writing an original fic with my own characters, own verse and own plot, which is kind of awesome. It's going really well, the little I've written. I'll continue on it later this weekend after the torture the ficathon fic is turned in.

I really should go and read some Harry Potter so I'll be in tune with [ profile] read_hp but let's face it, I'm one book behind (and when the book is Order of the Phoenix, it doesn't bode well). But I want to read The Devil Wears Prada some more because I feel shallow at the moment. It's probably because it's the newest book I own (got it with a magazine).

I could talk about work if you want to, but I decided that this entry is going to be long as it is and well... I can give you a short version: I work outside, it was raining, I call it cosmic payback.
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Welcome [ profile] jenniferkaos to my flist. I hope you'll have a good time here.

I survived first day at work, and to be honest, I think that the people that work there kind of adore me. Sort of. Wow, that came out as self-centered. Anyway, the reason I'm saying that is because they kept talking to me, joking and generally it felt like they were paying more attention to me (in a good way) than the other three that are working there with me. Might be because I was there last summer too, but still... it's good.

I wouldn't say that I'm stuck with my Molly/Micah series. I'm just... deadly terrified of not writing it well enough. Words seem to sort of come out sort of forced and not very emotional. But I'm not gonna force it and show you guys something I'm half-pleased with because... I write this generally to get the plot bunnies out of my system but also for my own enjoyment.

I also wish that I could be a one-fandom girl. Like have mood themes, layouts and everything about my LJ about one single fandom instead of spreading it out, growing in and out of fandoms etc. Like some Supernatural fans on my flist. I really admire your devotion that you have for a show. I wish I could have that. I can have moments when I am like that, but it doesn't last as long as it has for some of you guys. Heroes and Doctor Who is the two fandoms that are growing close to becoming that, DW is catching up with Heroes because of the awesomeness last episode, but I have a feeling that it won't last. I don't know when Doctor Who became a fandom that's letting me down. Don't think it was because of Doomsday (even though it might appear so), because I know at least five people who gets that kind of grief every time they say the show isn't what it used to be. Doctor Who seems to be more about the monsters, arcs etc. than the characters and that bothers me. I don't like two-dimentional characters, half-finished character development and actions that makes no sense.

Heroes then? Don't worry, I'm not letting go of this baby for a loooooooong time. I just think the reason why I'm not squeeing so much about it at the moment is the following:

  • Lack of news

  • Not rewatching episodes

  • It's on hiatus

But don't worry... I bet my Heroes squee will come back with a fury.
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Happy birthday to [ profile] rayzhunkenluv27, I hope you have a great one.

I've done the huge no-no. I got up at 4 AM today. Actually 3.30 but that doesn't really count. Aaaanyway, I start work at 7 and I so hope that I'm not dead by then. But it would be okay nonetheless (If I got a coin for every time I've used 'nonetheless' lately...) because they like me. Or at least they did last year.

More coherent thoughts on Doctor Who - Utopia )

I saw 300 yesterday and well... I sorta thought it was okay. I sorta felt the Stelios/Captain's son (I think his name was Xerxes, based on IMDB) love which brightened the movie a bit for me, but other than that I felt like the movie was particially unsatisfatory. Characters died, loved etc. and it was sort of introduced but never completed. I mean, what was the point of Stelios/Captain's son's friendship? The King/Queen love each other, yes, but what else? etc. etc. This is not behind a cut because I don't really feel like it's spoilery at all.

Still haven't written Micah/Molly or Petrellicest or Mohinder/Sylar. I am a bad fan *bows head* I will try and make amends and write some after work, given of course that I don't fall apart and sleep for the rest of the day. I end at 14.00 (2 PM) so I've got a large part of the day to myself.
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Happy birthday [ profile] hannabee! :D I hope you'll have an awesome birthday.

I've started to watch Skins (er, yes, I know everyone's doing it but my original goal was really just to see what everyone was talking about - then I got hooked). And ehm... I like it a lot. I like that you can ship so many with each other and that certain aspects of the show is really... similar to real life.

Anyway, I got two jobs for the summer. Which means that I will work for 5-6 weeks and have 4 weeks of holiday. Not too much but it'll work :D
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I saw a preview of Smallville and it's strange to say that I'm actually pretty excited about the show now. I'm so happy that Aaron Ashmore is in it and well, it just feels a bit as if Smallville is a bit... strange at the moment. Question about the preview - no idea if this is spoilers )

My mother is annoying me. Sure, I can be a bit lazy but she's being like... a bitch most of the time. I'm fully aware that I sound like a lazy teenager again (which I am, to my defence) but it seems as if she's just... well, I suppose I'm not quite alright with the idea of her husband coming here on Sunday.

In other news, Libby and I are starting a Lark school (I've decided to try and not use *I wrote sue lol* LJ names because that looks weird to me) where we'd get Melissa George (when she has time) and David Anders to teach and they would show us all the extra material Blowback and After Six had that the writers completely forgot. *nods* Yupp, that is what we shall do.

Just about two hours and twenty minutes left of work. Working this summer I must say, or at least the last three weeks, haven't been that bad to be honest. It was actually quite enjoyable, when I think back on it because it means I'll have a lot of money in my wallet and considering that I have two child support money I haven't recieved yet - I'm going to be living la vie grande these next months. If I get over the "OMG I have to save everything" phase, I might just subscribe to X-Men (finally). But perhaps not. The Office Season 1 begs to be bought. And Hex Season 1 as well. Oh, and Veronica Mars (although there's no way I'm buying season two 'cause... hello? Not a LoVe supporter therefore the season pretty much annoyed me even though Beaver kicked ass).

Oh, must go now. I hope you all take care and also - should I change my mood theme? New layout I have as well. lol
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I just read a Prison Break spoiler. Now I feel like crying. A lot. Why did I press it? Why did I even look at it? Stupid me. I just hope it aint true.

Saw Closer with my sister. Before I didn't like it at all, now I love it. It just took me a while to get into the movie, you know? I'm still so very sad that there aren't more good icons out there with Closer. I mean, there's eight million Garden State. There should at least be ten thousand of Closer. At least I think so (no I haven't seen Garden State yet - I'm so behind).

Last day of work today. I'm so happy. I can't wait for this day to be over. It will be like the best thing ever. When I get home again I'll see if I can't write more on my Spiderman fic (yes, I have one LOL) and see if I can't get out of this semi-depressed state with Among Heroes (Law of Nature sequel). Both my sister and I agree that there's a special series of events that should happen now but still it's very important that I give the storyline its time. Bleeh. It's like waiting for a hurricane or something.
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It rains outside. Now I just hope that there's some rain for tomorrow because I've put my dignaty at stake by saying that tomorrow it will rain. Of course it will rain, but you know.

Oh please, the two minutes it took me to write this entry the rain came and passed. Oh, I'm so gonna have a huge rain storm tomorrow. Just wait. It will rain.
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I saw an episode of Roswell yesterday (or the day before yesterday) and ehm.... someone explain the hype to me? I saw Max/Liz (who have like... A Naley sort of relationship trying to act beyond their years - not good) and the Michael/Maria thing is lost on me. I'm all about the Isabel/Max and Isabel/Michael love. I've seen the first three episodes and then I did a little leap to Heat Wave. Again, explain the hype because I see nothing really awesome at the moment. But you could always try and convince me otherwise ;)

I'm a zombie at work today. Seriously. Takes me about 2 hours to water 23 flower beds. I suck. But in a good way :) I blame my mother (again) because she woke me up in the middle of the night.
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Just home over lunch. I just ate tomatoe (that's the correct spelling, right? My brain freezes out on some simple words) soup and I'm NEVER eating it again. It tasted like ketchup. I'm sure my mom overslept, realizing it was five minutes till we would arrive, emptied the ketchup container, filled it out with some water and put it in the microwave for a minute.

THAT'S how it tasted. Although I did survive. Tasted a lot better with a sandwich in my hand. LOL.

Saw the Notebook. I cried like a baby. It was simple yet romantic and Rachel McAdams is just adorable. Although I felt there was something missing in the movie and I'm not sure what. Also, James Marsden was awesome in it as well. Loved his character <3333. Making icons later, however there's a real lack in James Marsden caps from there. Anyone got any?

Soon going back again to work :( Although it aint that bad. It's just this heat is driving me nuts. Also having your period makes me sort of paranoid in a way. Also, my pants get all wet from watering the flower beds. Although it goes slowly with that, I do it so brilliantly.

It's so sad how I think about fan fic reviews and fan fics in general when I'm doing my work. I'm obsessed. Especially with anything X-Men related. Speaking of which - do you have any fan fiction recommendations that are just soooo good? I mean, fics that are completely awesome? Any fandom works, as long as I've seen it, and I'm (I'm so ashamed!) is actually sort of interested in reading a good Kitty/Pyro story. Just to see what people like about that pairing (even though it's so very few). *hides from the tomatoes that are thrown at me for uttering these words*

Btw: [ profile] _byakko I uploaded my mood theme on nowings because my other host didn't seem to be working. Do you mind?
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I have like.... exactly four minutes to type up this entry before I should start dressing for work.

Speaking of which, I think that today will go well. I still can't believe I have two weeks and three days left of this thing. I mean.... seriously... three weeks? I bet it will be awesome though. Man.... my brain is so not functioning on any of the higher levels today.

My plans after work:
- Drop a review of a Pyro/Rogue fic I read yesterday.
- Update Law of Nature (haven't done that in ages)
- Make those headers
- Pull my head in the sand. Kidding! Like I said, no higher brain functions.
- Perhaps play the Sims (My Doctor and my Rose has adopted a baby, must see how that turns out *although they aren't in a relationship yet*) and not Sims 2 but the regular Sims. It's like, complete love. Sure, the Sims doesn't look anything remotely alike to the characters on tv but.... come on, it's the Sims.

Two more minutes.... I'm on a roll. *cough* Not.

I shall also make more icons. Any suggestions on a fandom?


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