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It doesn't matter if I titled myself as 'Ms' or 'Miss' on my SAAS application, right? I mean, they can't like... reject my application because of it, right? *is and has been silly*

I think this extended period of time with my essay has turned my brain into an illogical entity which makes me unable to completely save myself from embarrassing mistakes that are actually really minor...

I need an answer on this in order to have something of a peaceful state of mind.
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I'm working on my killer essay right now and let me tell you, it's killer. I'm trying to shorten it down a little bit but it feels like I'm not accurately portraying the complexity of the political event which I'm writing about (the Cuban revolution). I've just recently stopped writing about the time leading up to the revolution (16th century and forward) till the end of the revolution (2nd of January 1959) and I've done a brief description of the political climate of that time. Right now I'm writing about Ernesto Guevara and later I shall determine the importance of his presence during the revolution (which ultimately, wasn't great even if he was already then somewhat of an admired and mysterious character).

What have I written so far? Well, 4,467 words should give you a rough estimate just how much overboard this essay have gone. I love the madness, but I know deep down - that I can't overdo it.

Other than that, fandom life has as you can tell, sort of stopped in midstream. I'm putting everything on pause because I have this assignment to turn in on Wednesday and it's absolutely ESSENTIAL that I get it in by then because otherwise, I will DIE.

I applied for the SAAS tutition-paying thing today! Yay! I called SAAS just to make sure that my application was correct and then I sent it in. Thanks a million for all the help I got! I know I didn't say it in the comments or before, but just so you know that I APPRECIATED IT GREATLY.

Now a question for you, flist, since I'm greatly curious: Do you have something, aside from TV shows and the like, which you are really passionate about/interested in? My own interest lies in philosophical debates and history and politics, although I'm more or less a novice on all of these areas. I just love anything that will prove to be an interlectual challenge.
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You all know I'm rubbish when it comes to understanding really important information when it comes to uni. So I need your help and I'd appreciate it like... well, there's not a word for it but extremely is sort of close to it.


The questions I need answered are:

1. Do I have to have an unconditional offer from the uni I want to go to before applying? Which means - do i need to have sent my grades to the school before I apply for tuition fee help?
2. Do I need to pay the tuition fee thing back? I don't think so but I need to be really sure...

... I think those are the only things I don't understand.
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I'm being horribly absent again and I'm sorry but I lose interesting things to blog about. To summarize:

- I've watched most of The Big Bang Theory - AND I LOOOOVE IT!!!! I rarely openly laugh at TV comedies but TBBT has me laughing every episode. ♥ Sheldon is wonderful.

- The new Harry Potter trailer and all the icons that are resurfacing makes me want to read Harry Potter again. And revive the fandom and write fics... Is that sad? If anyone feels like handing me Harry/Draco fics or Harry/Luna or... I don't know, anything generally good :D :D Except Harry/Ginny or really any pairing involving that particular redhead.

- I've applied for accommodation at the University of Glasgow! Woohoo! One step closer to September and I think on Tuesday I'll start figuring out the tuition paying thing. I'm horribly excited but slightly scared - where will me and my sister end up after flying over there? Where shall we stay? Should we bring pepper spray? Important tiny currently-irrelevant things like that...

Tomorrow I aim at cleaning my room. The probability of that happening is still uncertain.
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I didn't get into St Andrews either.

Not really surprised but I'm so glad that I finally got all my responses from the unis. So now I'm going to Glasgow Uni and I'm probably going to study English Lit, History and Philosophy, with honours in English Lit (as it seems now but I can always change my mind later).

It feels great! I can finally start planning like nuts so I totally approve :D
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Just when I thought this day couldn't get much more stressful...


... seriously. If I have, I will die. Or at least suffer a severe mental breakdown.

Take a look here and see what conclusions you can draw.

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I'm soo tired right now. I've just spent like half an hour showing our grandmother where I might end up in Scotland and the accommodation prices and it's just recently dawned on me that the probability of me affording to go to Scotland is slim. Very slim. I'm probably only going to afford to eat like three times a week. The rent is going to kill me. At Glasgow, the rent is about £69,37 and to think that I have to include food and books into this makes my head hurt.

... why can't my parents be rich?
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Edinburgh just rejected my application.

I'm a little bit bummed, but not entirely heartbroken. I know that regardless of where I end up, I will make my best to learn, which is essentially why I'm there. What bothers me most perhaps is that I don't have a reason for the unsuccessfulness of my application which is perhaps the most bothersome. I don't think I'm sad, but I guess I'm disappointed in a way. But I know I did my best so to be honest there was really nothing I could do.

But so far my status goes:

Aberdeen - English (Conditional)
Dundee - English (Conditional)
Edinburgh - English Literature (Unsuccessful)
Glasgow - English Literature (Conditional)
St Andrews - English (Acknowledged)

So I'm keeping my fingers crossed that St Andrews will accept me into their programme, but even if they don't, I'm perfectly content going to Glasgow.


Feb. 21st, 2009 10:29 am
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I have written a ~2300 word long Cook/Freddie fan fic that I might or might not do something about. Anyone wanna beta?

I just wish that the unis would be in touch and let me know what kind of a chance I have. I'm so grateful for Edinburgh, Aberdeen and Dundee for being in touch (although the first is the only one I'm really interested in out of the three) and now I hope that St Andrews and Edinburgh will soon follow their example. This waiting is sort of torture because I'd love to be able to plan, but sadly this lack of response keeps me from doing so...
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I'm actually in the middle of watching Party Animals (with Matt Smith - not a total coincidence) and I just have to say that I really love it. I've just seen episode seven so the probably very awesome finale is something I'm going to watch tomorrow. I really really like it. I think the actors are great and politics is really interesting and yeah... give it a shot. It's only eight episodes, but it's eight really good episodes.

Not to be completely one-minded, I'm still anxiously waiting on more UCAS results. I know there's no point in waiting but it's sort of like... sweet self-torture. Completely unavoidable.

Tomorrow I will go into town because apparently there's this big annual meeting in the youth party I'm in. It's going to be quite interesting, I think, but I suddenly feel all this pressure on making myself look pretty. Which is frustrating because when it comes to certain aspects, like my appearance, I'm the laziest person alive. Seriously. I'm quite sure I could win an award if there ever was one.
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Huge welcome to all the new people on my flist :D There's quite a few but it feels like I'd forget someone if I counted them so I'm not going to so that no one will feel left out (but you're all equally welcome anyway, it's just that I'm a bit tired)

Speaking of tired. That's just what I am. Tired. It's 3 am right now and I can't sleep even though I really want to. But I think it's because I'm so hyped/scared/many other things about the possibility of going to uni somewhere that's not Sweden. Talk about taking a step out of your comfort zone (it's more me leaping out of my comfort zone and taking a dip into unknown waters) and I started to think about things like 'all my CDs - are they worth taking?' 'What are the chances of a laptop being stolen?' etc. All those things that you'd probably know if you lived there but when you don't... I mean, the thought of being away from my DVDs for a year... or my Josh Groban CDs... I'd so miss it. And having a laptop seems almost mandatory since it allows you to, without any inconvenience, write essays and whatnot, but I don't want to invest in something that might get stolen.

Aside from university, I've been watching Party Animals with Matt Smith. It's actually quite lovely. And it's so fun to see so many people I recognize in that show. I think it's a really good show but maybe that's because I'm interested in politics... And Matt Smith's character, Danny, is utter adorable. Seriously. Look up adorable, and you'll see his character. ♥
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I got a conditional offer from Dundee!!!!! :D :D :D

I just got so happy that I have to share with all of you. And the subjects I'm studying this year, so far I'm looking at very good grades :D :D So if I get rejected by every other uni, I have Dundee to go to. It's sort of my last choice, but it's a good uni and good to know that they're interested in having me :D

Me? I'm really happy right now :D

Edit: Apparently the condition is "Average of VG in school exams" which is pretty splendid. The only way I'd get VG as an average is if I get amnesia throughout the year and fail most of my exams so - yay :D
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I got UCAS and Aberdeen acknowledgement letters today! Yay :D But I've also realized there isn't a person on this earth that can stress themselves up as well as I can. Because within the last 24 hours, I've been stressed over these applications because I've thought I've made a mistake. Can someone please who knows these things tell me if there's a sort of 'first choice, second choice' system based on how they are listed in your UCAS acknowledgement letter or if all the applications are treated the same... Eeek.

Aside from that nothing new is up with me right now. I've bought a really shallow but seemingly entertaining magazine which I'm going to take a look at. I've also started to play Sims again. Which I feel as though I'm almost too old for, but it's so much fun I cannot help myself.
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I want to thank everyone one of you, for answering all my kind of silly questions, providing support when I was being stressed and being overall lovely, even if you haven't read my university anxiety related posts.

Thank you.

Unis applied to: (alphabetically) The University of Aberdeen, University of Dundee, The University of Edinburgh, University of Glasgow, University of St Andrews. The ones in bold are those I hope for the most.
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Aside from school work, there's surprisingly little going on with me. I'm waiting for my reference letter from my English teacher (if you want, I could post it here since I'm a big fan of sharing stuff) and aside from that, I'm pretty much done, which is fantastic. Soon I will send my applications in and while I am confident that I will be offered a place somewhere, I'm still a little bit nervous since my mother told me that if I get in, she won't be able to provide for me. Which makes me think that if I for some reason don't get in, which I seriously hope not, I'll study at a Swedish university since my mother says that she cannot provide for me if I don't move out. Which is understandable because of our shitty government (sorry if any Swedes here like Moderaterna, but... I seriously don't. Feel free to talk Swedish politics in the comments, I'd love to hear your point of view even if it's not my own - or if it's like mine - I'm just generally interested in politics).

Anyway, aside from school, I've been watching some Criminal Minds and I made a small picspam.

Mini picspam of random episode: 3x06 )
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I just saw that I'm like this close to finishing my university application. I have written the personal statement, the reference is most definitely in the works and I've made all my choices and everything besides one box is ticked in the personal information field.

Now I just have to call UCAS or something to hear about the grades which I do not yet have. How do/did you guys do it?

I can see an end to this mess! :D
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I'm almost done with my personal statement! :D :D This is indeed cause for celebration. However, I'm struggling a little over the last paragraph and overall, I'm terribly pleased with the outcome, even if I might have to revise it a bit. I'm a bit concerned about the grades (and where to put the CPE certificate thing) but overall, I'm beginning to get the hand of this. I just need to get someone to look at my personal statement (I feel a bit guilty about harrassing my English teacher, but I shall try to be extra kind to him to make up for the extra work).

I'm so excited about Merlin this week, can you tell? Saturday/Sunday cannot come sooner as far as I'm concerned. If you haven't checked out this show, you should (and tell me immediately so I can discuss with you :D)
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My mini-Spanish assignment: Mi chico ideal )

I'll share about my visit to the doctor's tomorrow. Right now I need to take my meds (yes, I did get meds and if you ask me - lots of them) and run to bed. I've started on my Personal Statement (yes, I know, all this uni talk :P) and I'm surprised of how good I feel about it. But I've only written a paragraph so far. We'll see about the rest later. Keep your fingers crossed!
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Just when I think I understand the UCAS system, it goes and turns a 180 on me.

Per usual, I have a few questions (once I've sent in my application, I won't be so spammy, I promise):

Seriously, I know I'm repeating my previous question but I need answers:

  1. When you apply through the UCAS system, do you list all the subjects you are interested in taking or just the one(s) you are going to take as honours?

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When I apply, do I have to decide every subject I want to take or just the one I want to have an honours in?

'Cause it's totally gonna be English :D


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