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Shows I would like to save this season )
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[Poll #1381760]

As much as I adore Dollhouse, after seeing the SCC finale, I might just vote the latter. I love Joss Whedon and I want BOTH shows to get a new season, but... I don't know. I really really really really really really need a new season of The Sarah Connor Chronicles.
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I will write an episode reaction when I've seen the episode again and my brain has started to function and when my heart's stopped racing (which means like 560506565 years from now because THIS SHOW IS SO EPIC AND THIS FINALE TOO. IT MUST LIVE ON).

Where are the petitions? What can be done in order to save SCC? Join the struggle, even if you don't watch the show (why aren't you?!)
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If Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles gets cancelled, I'll be a very very sad chica. The show is pretty cool and I love the Cameron/John thing. THEY CAN'T LEAVE IT LIKE IT IS NOW. WHAT ABOUT THE FUTURE?

Lately, I've been so tired that I've gone up too late so it's always ended with me rushing out of the house in stress so I can catch the bus without eating breakfast. I don't really know what I've done but I've been exhausted lately. And tomorrow I'm going to dad's because they're going out of town and I'm going to be there - studying :D :D And taking care of the cat, obviously. ^^

Also, I haven't seen House in forever, I just realized that by reading my flist. I stopped watching when House/Cuddy became a thing. Not BECAUSE they became a thing, but that relationship has never really done it for me and there was a long lack of Wilson which made me abandon the show right now. House/Wilson is epic. ♥ I love and remember all those lovely storylines (for example House and Wilson's long going fight because of the thing with the Vicodin etc) that happened back in the day. Where are they? *sniff*
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I just have one thing to say:

This week's Sarah Connor Chronicles? Totally kicked my ass. Unbelievably awesome.

Spoilers for Self-Made Man )
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I feel like I need a fandom to gear up with for the upcoming season. Sarah Connor Chronicles, Gossip Girl or 90210 seems to be big contenders for that spot, but I don't know... Sarah Connor Chronicles is a show that I have to see the new episodes before being able to squee about them. Gossip Girl and 90210 might not have that much underneath its pretty exterior and racy plots, but it's television and I'm pretty sure that 90210 is going to be damn entertaining from what I've seen and Gossip Girl... well, that's always entertainment. Shallow entertainment but right now just what I need. I'm so tired of shows being like... pretentious and being a disappointment so it definitely feels like Gossip Girl and 90210 will be shows that I'll be watching just because it won't disappoint me since there's a different kind of expectations from me and it's less of a chance I'll be disappointed.

I'm thinking about doing a... 'What I am excited about when it comes to 90210' post.
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I just watched the two promos for season two that apparently aired during TCA.

Insert squee here + speculation )
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To celebrate my return (and finding an excuse to use Photoshop) I decided to pretty up my journal a little, with pictures :D So hereby, I present:

See the ships here )

I caved

Jul. 4th, 2008 01:59 pm
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OK, it's official, I suck at hiatuses. I think it's fairy evident to say that I can't stay away for a longer period of time. Anyway, I'm caving and I'm coming back. (Did I mention I hate typing on this computer?) I'll try to update daily but I won't succeed every time.

A few hours ago, the newspaper was here and did a sort of article about me and my sister since we turn eighteen next week (mark it down people, 13th July). It went sort of well and I hope they choose the picture of us in the shade because the ones of us in the sun were sort of fugly if you compare.

I watched an interview with Thomas Dekker about the upcoming season of Sarah Connor Chronicles. I am so excited! Can you tell I'm excited? It's going to be totally crazy and lovely and just... *sigh* Which is why I made a new layout: [ profile] aliasagent New codes, header and everything.

And there's been some DW, so naturally there should be thoughts.

Thoughts about the latest DW )

I just saw that Wanted doesn't air here until September 21st. Oh, the horror. I've started to become to psyched about seeing it. Major bummer. I was so looking forward to seeing Angelina Jolie and James McAvoy in a movie together.

Any recs?

Apr. 26th, 2008 08:37 pm
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I'm really in the mood to print out some fan fictions and keep it in this folder that I have so I can read good fics without having to go online or such. Or keep like an archive of good fics on my computer. And therefore I'm asking you whether or not you have any favourites in these fandoms that you think I could enjoy:

Doctor Who (Doctor/Rose or gen, Master/Lucy), Supernatural (gen and/or Sam/Ruby), Gossip Girl (Eric & Chuck friendship, Chuck/Blair, Blair/Nate, Vanessa/Dan, Vanessa/Nate), X-Files, Sarah Connor Chronicles (John/Cameron, Cameron/Derek or some sort of triangle), Smallville (Clark/Lois, Lois/Oliver, Lois & Jimmy), Torchwood (Ianto/Jack, Ianto/Owen, Owen/Tosh, Ianto/John - haha, just something I thought of - oh the plot bunnies I just had), Ugly Betty (Betty/Gio), Criminal Minds (Reid, gen), Life on Mars (gen, Sam/Annie), Veronica Mars (Veronica/Weevil, Veronica/Lamb, Veronica/Duncan, Veronica/Piz, gen), Battlestar Galactica (Gaius/Six), Buffy The Vampire Slayer/Angel (I guess I can read anything but Spuffy and/or Angel/Cordelia at this point).

Also, huge happy birthday to [ profile] missambs :D
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It's kind of ridiculous how excited I am to see the Twilight movie. And I hated the books. Clearly something is wrong. What kind of mind power do they have on me?

Supernatural tomorrow (or today? I dunno, I'm just checking my flist and people were mentioning it and I just had to say that I'm really excited as well - I've missed the Winchester boys).

I'm still struggling with trying to connect to Internet on my SuSe computer and I have no idea how. Seriously. It's a mystery to me. I have a rough idea, but nothing substantial or anything like that. I'm gonna try some more but I really need some help, although sadly, [ profile] computer_help and [ profile] computerhelp remain sadly silent. We'll see.

Also, did I mention I sort of love those communities? After having repetitve problems with my computer I say that there should be a general computer help support that you could call if you have troubles with your computer. Don't you agree?

Internet seems to FINALLY BE WORKING NOW!!!! :D - on my laptop, but still, that's better than no Internet at all. Oh online world, how I've missed thee.

Oh, SCC being renewed for a new season? Best news today, even though it's expected, I'm very happy.
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What should I write about? Well, [ profile] charmedgirl08 added me - welcome to my flist :D I hope you'll have an excellent time here. When I get home I think I'll write on my Supernatural fan fic till my sister comes. I also need to figure out a name for the whole thing. I also need to continue on the X-Men fan fiction I'm writing (Rogue/Wolverine) and I'm thinking about writing a longer Sarah Connor Chronicles fic. It seems as though science fiction is my piece of pie lately.

I'm sitting here with the application form for the courses I'm going to take next year. I'm only "allowed" to choose 150 points (but I don't have to choose anything since I already have enough points) but I want to take courses for 350 points and even though I probably can, chances are it's going to be too much and I had plans on making the third year somewhat less... hectic. And that goal will be impossible with 350 points over average.

At first I had plans only to take Spanish and Psychology B but then I thought it was too little, and I thought: "Hey, History B sounds like something up my alley" and I added that to my list. And then I realized that I would miss Niklas' lessons (he's my Maths teacher) so I added Maths B as well. And that is 350 points.

*headdesk* What to do? I'm in such a predicament.
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Still pulling out a general request of a header to my journal to whoever feels charitable ;) Fandoms: Doctor Who, Veronica Mars, Supernatural, Life on Mars, X-Men, Sarah Connor Chronicles and/or X-Files. I'd love to have at least three different fandoms in the header. (Sorry if I'm being a pain, I hope I'm not :))

Huge happy birthday [ profile] feminosity.

I'm suppose to write a speech for Swedish class based on the theme Truth and Fiction, which is easier said than done. I'm in sheer panic-mode. I'm supposed to be prepared tomorrow and I don't even have a SUBJECT. And to make things even more hellish, I'm suppose to use the material which exists in a little leaflet and it's close to impossible.

We had a UN roleplay yesterday at school and I was a delegate for Saudi Arabia and according to various, completely unrelated comments, I was best dressed. Awesomeness.
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I'm still not the best updater in the world or the best commenter but Perfect-Ending has sort of taken over my life. Thankfully, I managed to drag myself away from that place today and well... I thought I'd send you all a note.

For you who don't know, I'm sort of lending a hand in, but I'm so far the worst contributor out of all the staff members. I wrote "Their story" (feel free to check it out, not sure how it turned out) and I sent in a wallpaper (right now it's the most viewed in the entire gallery, score!). You can check out some of my wallpapers at the most recent [ profile] withouttheworld entry. The icons aren't much to cheer for, but it's something.

As usual I've been doing absolutely nothing with my break, and I'm not sure how I feel about it. Sure, it's fun sitting in front of the computer, doing fun things but on the same time I feel like there's so much more I could do... Well, there are two solutions to this problem: split myself in half so I can do two different things things at once and create more hours to each day. Yes, that is what must be done.

How are you all? I hope you're all very well. Anything I've missed? Anything you want me to comment on? Don't be afraid, just link away :D ♥ ILU all.

Also, huge welcome to [ profile] youjustjump to my flist :D I hope you'll have it great :D
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I just gotta share the love.

Spoilers for Sarah Connor Chronicles 1x08 Vick's Chip )

More detailed thoughts (and on both episodes) will come tomorrow after my sister and I have rewatched it over breakfast. .... Yes, we are that obsessed ^^

Still here

Mar. 4th, 2008 10:44 am
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I'm absolutely horrible in terms of posting right now, and commenting, but I caught up with my flist today and I at least managed to write a few comments. That's something, non? Anyway, this RPG business at various boards really got me hooked, but since it takes so long to get a biography approved and everything, I'm suspecting it's just a passing fling. LJ IS MY ONE TRUE LOVE. Seriously, most places I have phases whether or not I post and stuff like that but LJ is just one of those things that I'm always at. Generally. It's not like I stopped posting and stuff like that and I think it's partly because I have such an amazing flist. ILU. You make LJ awesome.

One thing I haven't mentioned is that I tried again for the second time to get hooked on Blood Ties. And you know what? This time it worked. I think it was because of Joya's encouraging remarks about the show that made me sit through the first painful minutes of the show. Henry Fitzroy is such an awesome vampire but this whole business that was around 1x08 made me a little... annoyed, but hopefully, things will improve episode 9. Poor Mike though.

I really wanna like, get into the whole The Tudors business but I don't know... is it any good?

Anyway, Ep 9 is down of Sarah Connor Chronicles. Just waiting for Ep 8 now. This show is so definitely going to be a DVD purchase for me ♥ as well as Supernatural Season Three.
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There is a Sarah Connor Chronicles friending meme. Go, comment, friend :D

Huge welcome to my flist to [ profile] delgaserasca! :D I hope you're going to have a wonderful time here on my flist and that we'll have lots to talk about :D

I'm so hungry right now I think I'll go and make a sandwich.
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I love this cast. I love these three people. To death ♥ Seriously. I love them. If they don't get a second season I will be heartbroken. I love this cast. I love this show and my biggest wish right now is that everyone watch this show ♥

Seriously. ♥

(you know I only say 'seriously' when it's true love ;))
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I've read this interview with Thomas Dekker concerning The Sarah Connor Chronicles and damn, I'm in love with this show. It's just so fantastic and wonderful and awesome... If FOX doesn't give it another season, I will be heartbroken. Heartbroken, I tell you. Crushed beyond relief. There's so many stories that could be told, the cast is so amazing and they seem to really like what they are doing.

Some excerpts from the interview, spoilers up to 1x07, just to be safe )
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I'm having Josh Groban on Google alerts. Feels like I'm kind of stalking the poor soul but it's fun to read interviews. ♥ For those who don't know, I find him extremely adorable. Anyway, on occasion you come across some pretty funny things. Here's one thing from a Canadian newspaper:

Your fans call themselves Grobanites. That sounds like something you need to get exterminated.
Or get a vaccination for. I remember being on the Internet, early when there were only 50 fans, when they were starting to talk about what they wanted to call themselves. I was thinking to myself, ‘Oh my god, this group of fans is going to choose, right now, a word that's going to haunt me for the rest of my career.' It could've been worse, though. Grobanite is cute.

The rest of the article can be found here.

Oh, and I just have to share this as well because Josh = ♥

Puccini in the shower maybe?
I'll sing everything from Nessun Dorma to Pearl Jam. But I've always said, in the shower, you can't do anything halfway. You're either a rock god or an opera diva.

Anyway, that was the daily dose of Josh Groban love for you. I'm so planning on buying every single of his albums (I only have Josh Groban and Awake (without the extra songs *sniff*) but I will definitely buy the rest - especially Noel, when I get a chance).

I lent a book from the library about the Mesopotamian cultures. Guess what I'm going to be reading? Oh, and one about the Greeks. That's my sport break reading. I also thought I found something that could help me with my Philosophy paper but it turned out to be about free will in society rather than free will in general.

I was thinking that there needs to be more Sarah Connor Chronicles stuff on LiveJournal and I'm thinking about maybe doing some sort of community, other than the ones that are there now. Like a drabble community, or something like [ profile] spn_fridayfive (if people want a community like that and if it's okay for the people that manages it *looks at [ profile] potthead innocently*). We need more fandom action and make more people wanna see this awesome show :D *is on a mission*

Also, I clicked on a post with a SCC promo of the new episode and in a way I sort of wish that I hadn't because I love that everything that happens on shows these days are surprises to me. Remind me to never check spoilers again. Bad me. (Notice how cleverly I don't even mention what the promo pic was about? ;))


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