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Shows I would like to save this season )
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I guess I should watch the new True Blood episode but I really don't feel like it for some reason. Call me crazy but I can't really say why.

I was like really happy that I'd started writing again but now as I'd just continued on my short little thing, I became so overly critical again and I don't know... I guess I killed my idea. It just didn't turn out the way I wanted it to and it seemed awfully repetative. *sigh* Sometimes being self-critical is not a good thing. I really want to write but I always find a way to ridicule my stories or find them illogical. Which is probably why I've never written anything in ages.

Anyone wanna recommend me a good show? I need something to get me through today. I really want to watch something good but sadly Privileged doesn't have a new episode yet (yes, I love that show and so should you ;)).
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I so love Privileged. Seriously. It's really adorable and Sage's and Rose's sisterly awesomeness so reminds me of me and [ profile] lauren_sark's combined awesomeness. ♥

This is just a random post in order to encourage people to watch the awesome.
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I love Privileged. It' shallow, non-important and all that but I LOVE it. Seriously. So frickin' awesome. I think the key is to watch it without expectations. It surprised me at least. In a good way.


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