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I have a feeling I'll be doing pleeeenty of these. But I have to start somewhere. Sooner or later you'll all die of the pretty, I swear. You know how I much I like my very innocent celebcrushes.

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Episode Reaction: Skins 2x05 Freddie - SPOILERS - with picspam )
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I've started to watch some Austen adaptions that I haven't seen yet and since I've only seen one Mansfield Park (the Billie Piper one) I started going through the old miniseries and I sort of felt like I needed to make a picspam. Although the number of images are quite limited because... well, there are certain things that I didn't bother to screencap. It's a very loooong adaption.

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I've made another picspam. This time of my favourite celeb couple right now...

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Here is the story of how I went overboard with her picspammage.

Smallville 'Bride' picspam underneath, NOT dial-up friendly )
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So, I rarely give a rat's ass about Smallville, but somehow I'm still watching it. And this new episode, Instinct, had some pretty awesome moments.

8x04 Instinct + picspam )
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To celebrate my return (and finding an excuse to use Photoshop) I decided to pretty up my journal a little, with pictures :D So hereby, I present:

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School has been kicking my ass so I haven't been able to be active but here's the picspam I promised. Featuring episodes: Sleuthering with the Enemy and The Demon Who Came From The Cold.

I love you Phoebe )
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I wear that the Master has taken over my mind *g* Not that I don't like it...

Image heavy )

Oh, and I forgot. I don't do it much but if you feel like hitting me or something if I mention Martha in a perhaps not so positive light... Ignore the comments under her pics (except the one where she's holding a phone)
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Welcome to the craziest picspam known to man! I just had to do this, since I'm suffering from writer's block. I saw X1 yesterday so I had to.

151 pictures in this picspam - dial-up users be warned )

What do you think? Was it good? It's my first picspam.


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