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Do you know what the perfect music is to listen to while cleaning? Well, for me it's my Natalie Merchant CD - The House Carpenter's Daughter which is basically a collection of old folk music interpretated by Miss Merchant. I have it as an actual CD (I know - how old school of me!) and I put it in the stereo as I spent most of the day cleaning.

My favourite song has to be this one: Which Side Are You On? written by a woman named Florence Reese who was a labour union organiser for the National Miner's Union somewhere in the States. The song was written in '32 after her husband had been arrested by the police (since there was a big struggle between the workers and the mine owners) and I don't know... I guess it's one of those songs that grows on you, but I really love it. It's sort of powerful.

(this was the only decent copy of the song that I could find on YouTube, so feel free to ignore the pictures to it, if you want)

There are a lot of other really good songs as well on that album - for example Soldier, Soldier but I couldn't find that on YouTube. It's really good soothing music on that CD if you want a recommendation.

And my room is absolutely spotless now! I feel incredibly proud :D
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I haven't really posted anything in forever, but I hope you'll forgive me. Besides, I bring joyous news (at least I think they are):

Apparently, Claire Danes and Hugh Dancy are getting married/are engaged. ♥ ♥ Woohoo! They're my favourite celebrity couple and I sort of love them and well... that reminds me that I still have a picspam which I haven't posted. Sneaky me. And considering the news, it feels sort of appropriate to post it sometime.

After a week, I can pretty much say that I'm recovered from my sickness. I've never been sick an entire week before, or at least not in the last three years, so it's all really bizarre for me. I'm glad I'm almost 100% again though.

Right now I'm alone at home with very little to do. I'm contemplating watching something but I'm not sure. I can't think of anything I'm in the mood for. And I need to find new music. What I have is currently boring me to death, almost. I'm thinking I might rip my old Britney Spears albums and stuff like that, for nostalgia purposes. I'm really missing 90's pop today for some reason. It was sort hilarious, catchy and good at the same time.
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Am I the only one who's not made one single purchase for Christmas this year? Seriously. I have presents to give dad, his wife, my mother and her husband, my grandmother and her brother. My sister knows she's getting a top for Christmas (I promised her that) and my twin... well, we're not giving each other anything this year. I don't know why but Christmas seems so far away, you know? Like it's not for another decade.

Pimping my Christmas wishlist in case you're interested :D

Also, French music is always appreciated :D I need some more (especially since my brandwith dies if I get movies or such, I've discovered *sob*)

Gossip Girl 1x10 Hi, Society! )

Tomorrow - preview of The Golden Compass
Friday - shopping with a friend and dinner with same friend :D


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