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If Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles gets cancelled, I'll be a very very sad chica. The show is pretty cool and I love the Cameron/John thing. THEY CAN'T LEAVE IT LIKE IT IS NOW. WHAT ABOUT THE FUTURE?

Lately, I've been so tired that I've gone up too late so it's always ended with me rushing out of the house in stress so I can catch the bus without eating breakfast. I don't really know what I've done but I've been exhausted lately. And tomorrow I'm going to dad's because they're going out of town and I'm going to be there - studying :D :D And taking care of the cat, obviously. ^^

Also, I haven't seen House in forever, I just realized that by reading my flist. I stopped watching when House/Cuddy became a thing. Not BECAUSE they became a thing, but that relationship has never really done it for me and there was a long lack of Wilson which made me abandon the show right now. House/Wilson is epic. ♥ I love and remember all those lovely storylines (for example House and Wilson's long going fight because of the thing with the Vicodin etc) that happened back in the day. Where are they? *sniff*
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I just saw The Notebook for the second time. I cried like a baby. Those scenes at the end (I won't go into details in case someone hasn't seen this wonderful movie) are just beautiful. Just beautiful.

At school, me and a few classmates are sort of adapting Pride and Prejudice into a one-act intro kind of play. I wrote the script and what I did was that I took the key lines that are said in the beginning of the '95 adaption and sort of moved things around a little and... voilá! A script was born. It's only five pages but I'm really excited about it, it's not going to be brilliant or anything, but it's going to be fun. Lots and lots of it. I can't wait!

House was just brilliant as well. Hugh Larie and Robert Sean Leonard are such terrific actors.
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I have a headache, feeling tired, no homework for the rest of the week, didn't have the French test and I feel warm and as though I might be catching something after standing outside in the cold (-10*C at least, which is 14 *F for you crazy people who for some reason use Fahrenheit) because I was waiting for a friend because she was going to give me money that she owed me. I'm a money whore, or at least I cling to money as if my life depended on it but with good reason. At least I feel that way.

I have yet to change layout and I probably will once I get my energy back and don't feel like I'm one inch away from fainting out of fatigue (notice me cleverly using some French? :P). Also, do you know anywhere you can get good css codes/communities with nice layouts?

Also about the newest House episode: Wilson so owns House. Fact. Already established by canon so I didn't feel like putting it under cuts.

In 30 minutes (21.30, or 9.30 PM if you're that inclined) I'm officially calling it a day and is going to retire to my bed and spend the following hours trying or successfully sleeping.

Ebleugh. I just wish I didn't feel so nauseated. It's probably nothing though, I hope.

But the fact that I have nothing to worry about for at least a week feels like it's a cause for celebration. I will get right on planning that party after my sleep :)

My newest Chuck/Blair vid, spoilers for 1x08 )
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I thought I'd start with some simple mathematics to show how I came to the simple conclusion that Wilson owns House MD. How you may ask?

House pwns Cuddy + Wilson pwns House = Wilson pwns everyone. He's the secret dictator. He's the Stalin of the hospital, minus the killing bit, if you may.
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I found this amazing Blair/Chuck mood theme (yes, I'm obsessed with Gossip Girl, but I'm a proud fan - I don't understand why not more people fangirl about this show because it's so dangerously addictive), so now I've changed mood theme! It's so shiny :D I have my two current favourite fandoms on my layout: Supernatural and Gossip Girl. Speaking of, I don't think I announced the change of layout. Kind of funny because they are two completely different kinds of shows.

I saw House. Wilson/House FTW.

And Pushing Daisies (that episode with the dogs). Oh Ollie, how I adore thee. Personally, I can't understand why Chuck is preferred over Ollie but maybe it's just because I have a tendency to root for the underdogs whereas I have a tendency to dislike whoever seems perfect or in control. I've fixed my old computer (thank god!) and now I'm gonna be sitting here a lot more unlike on my laptop.
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Small note about the lastest House episode )

I'm still in the midst of researching universities, as probably will the following few days. It's actually kind of fun.

I'm going to the doctor's tomorrow and to see a doctor I've met before when I was in Linköping. I doubt it is the guy I remember though. Oh well, I remember him just now. I didn't before. It's going to be interesting, sadly I'm not so fond of the prospect of missing class. We're talking about trafficking and I love international issues like that.

My Swedish novel thingy is up to about 24,000. It's so addictive. Anyone still wanna read? Now talking to my fellow countrymen or people who can read Swedish since it's obviously in Swedish. I'm really liking where I'm taking the story.
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House/Wilson musings based on 4x05 that I had during dinner )

Cameron/Chase thoughts for 4.05 + wieee bit speculation )

*sigh* Josh Groban. I soo know what to wish for Christmas!

Also, huge happy birthday to [ profile] theohara, I hope you have a fantastic one :D

Also, Eliza Dushku + Joss Whedon = new series. Have I mentioned how badly I'm looking forward to this? And this just from one little article. I feel very excited :D
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Doctor Who Companion Test )

House 4x04 )

House love

Apr. 14th, 2007 06:25 pm
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I've seen 3x15 Half Wit now and I don't think I realized how much I love House. I mean, the show is in general perhaps not the best but Hugh Laurie owns my soul and Chase and Wilson owns my soul. In my own opinion there's too much Cameron and too little of Cuddy. "One little feel, one giant ass for mankind". Hehe.

Right now I'm insanely bored. I can't find 3x16 on youtube or anywhere else so I'm stuck with.... staring at my computer. *le sigh* However, I did see NaPola, and that was good, but I got a bit cold since I had to sit in the shadow.

Yes, an extremely informative entry *nods* ;)
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I love House. Seriously. I've been starting to watch season two and I have a few things to say:

a. House/Wilson pwns my life. They are so in love.
b. Chase/Cameron is the biggest love ever
c. Cameron is boring, sad but true. She pokes her nose in things that doesn't concern her. Reminds me of Chloe Sullivan from Smallville before she grew up.

And I also have a few things to quote:

"Nobel invented dynamite. I don't want his blood money."

"Is the symptom death?"

"This is exactly why I created nurses."

House is my hero, Chase is my love and Foreman is just awesome. I'm so going on a marathon while I'm not at school! Yay! :D
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Right now, my sister and I are working on a story that will pwn all of you. I have a couple of words for you; Alias, House, Supernatural and Prison Break. All rolled into one lovely story. And the new OTP that will be made out of this lovely thing? Lauren/Chase. It cannot be more lovely than that. We are working on fan art and the story (naturally) to prove our wonderful minds. We will own you all. Not only is it wonderful to write but it's just.... pure genius. Also there will be loads of other pairings that are going to pwn you. But personally I'm most excited about Lauren/Chase.

Just one thing, wasn't there someone that was going to give me BSG and House for Christmas? I normally wouldn't push my luck and like... force anyone it's just that I'm really excited about it. Although I understand if for some reason that you who offered might not.


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