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I'm being horribly absent again and I'm sorry but I lose interesting things to blog about. To summarize:

- I've watched most of The Big Bang Theory - AND I LOOOOVE IT!!!! I rarely openly laugh at TV comedies but TBBT has me laughing every episode. ♥ Sheldon is wonderful.

- The new Harry Potter trailer and all the icons that are resurfacing makes me want to read Harry Potter again. And revive the fandom and write fics... Is that sad? If anyone feels like handing me Harry/Draco fics or Harry/Luna or... I don't know, anything generally good :D :D Except Harry/Ginny or really any pairing involving that particular redhead.

- I've applied for accommodation at the University of Glasgow! Woohoo! One step closer to September and I think on Tuesday I'll start figuring out the tuition paying thing. I'm horribly excited but slightly scared - where will me and my sister end up after flying over there? Where shall we stay? Should we bring pepper spray? Important tiny currently-irrelevant things like that...

Tomorrow I aim at cleaning my room. The probability of that happening is still uncertain.
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I just saw this extended trailer for The Half-Blood Prince

(I don't know if it counts as spoilers but seeing as almost everyone on the planet have read these books it feels a little bit ridiculous to put my thoughts behind a cut, not that they are long).

Anyway, I saw the trailer and I was reminded of that awesome Harry/Draco scene in the book and I really really hope that they do it justice. Give us Harry/Draco fans something to treasure. I've never been a huge fan of any Harry pairing besides Harry/Draco. Oh well, I mean, I totally forgot Luna *headdesk* I'm so stupid. Harry/Luna was lovely. But my first love will always be Harry/Draco.

I remember when I first read the books. I wasn't immediately grabbed by any "pairing" and I just sort of browsed around. I thought that the Harry/Draco dynamic was interesting but I ended up shipping Harry/Hermione mostly because I thought I had to. I've always been a sucker for romance and it felt wrong not to try to incorporate some of it in my reading. Anyway, I finally went online and realized that there was this thing called slash and that shipping Harry/Draco was you know.. actually acceptable.

I really miss this pairing. I miss the old school fics... Scratch that, I miss the fics, period. I remember reading Irresistible Poison and I was just blown away. Maybe not by the fic itself but it was the first slash fic I had ever read and it was just so good and it was so dynamic and the characters were actually realistic and well...

Enough of that history lesson, I just thought I'd share. Sometimes remembering stuff from before can be a pleasant experience.
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I've sort of started rewatching season one of Gossip Girl. Although I don't have the first two episodes, which is a bummer, I started watching on episode three and I'm now in the process of starting with episode five. I don't know what it is about this show that always makes me want to care about clothes, make-up, fashion and whatnot. Which is also why I've come to the conclusion that it's not good for me, at least not in a logical sense. Also, I'm sort of rebelling against my need to be like... smart, and contemplating everything by watching it, in my own way. I tried to watch like episode eight, but it was out of context so it felt a little bit... weird and surreal, so I'm trying this in order.

The Harry Potter trailer in case you haven't seen it already. Personally, I think it's wonderful.

My dad called me around nine, asking me if this was my new number, and apparently he'd called once before around eight but I hadn't heard it. I mean, dude, it's summer - it's natural to sleep till at least ten. But oh well, it was sort of fun to hear from him even though we only talked under a minute and I was generally pretty confused.

Also, huge happy birthday to [ profile] kristallmond :D
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To celebrate my return (and finding an excuse to use Photoshop) I decided to pretty up my journal a little, with pictures :D So hereby, I present:

See the ships here )
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I'm aaaaalmost done with school now. After the rest tomorrow, I'm 100% free. And then I have the Cambridge Proficiency Exam on the 12th (which I hope you'll keep your fingers crossed about, non? - For those who don't know what the CPE is, it's a comprehension certificate that shows how much English you know and Proficiency is the most difficult. Having this certificate makes it possible for me to study my university years abroad). Keep your fingers crossed non?

Happy birthday [ profile] szmanda_fever! :D

I turned all my books today - well, except my Intercultural Communications book since I have a test tomorrow and I need to study. It feels so great that I have no missing books! :D It spares me from the pain of having to pay the school because of the missing books. Speaking of returning books, I will go to the library now after I've written this and return my Darfur books which I used for my International Relations essay. I'm also going to spend some time looking through their collection of books to see if I can't find anything interesting to read during my summer holiday.

So far I just have: Anna Karenina, War and Peace, Les Misérables and the Hunchback of Notre Dame. I might drop War and Peace because it doesn't feel very "summer friendly" reading about the Russian Revolution or whatever era it is (I heard about 50% of it is like a history book than anything else). Books about werewolves and vampires and stuff like that is something that I really want to get my hands on but unfortunately, this is not the US and books like that are hard to come by. Which totally blows.

Maybe if I do a wishlist I could wish it for my birthday? ;) No, seriously though, I don't think I'm gonna be making a wishlist for my birthday like I've done in the past because quite frankly, I know I can't afford to return the favour.

Anyway, the other day I really felt like I wanted to order some of the Fearless books (my favourite book series EVER, quite possibly beating Harry Potter, which I ended up not fancing so much not really digging the whole Harry/Ginny bits, which became painfully... painful towards the end) I haven't read. For those who are familiar with the book series (I know there's at least one of you! :D), I'm on the book... Tears. So I haven't read that much I guess but that's because they stopped printing them in Sweden because they became "too dark" or something for the young adult section and the adult section thought it was too much of a young adult book. For those who don't know the Fearless book series, you should seriously check it out.
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I just read that according to JK, Dumbledore was gay. Now, I'm going to discuss this and I'm pretty certain that everyone has read DH by now but if someone haven't, for some reason, turn away from this entry, just to be safe. 'Cause I'm not cutting this *turns rebel*

I thought it was absolutely awesome. And I completely loved how she in the same article, made a comment about the fan fiction.

Apparently, Dumbledore was smitten by Grindelwald (squee!), which in my mind makes it a little bit like an older generation of Harry/Draco (squee!), however with a little bit more of a tragic outcome than H/D. Also, completely loved how she mentioned the fan fic. LOL

Is it wrong of me to go and search up some Dumbledore/Grindelwald fan fic now? :P

Now I'm just waiting for the outing of Sirius and Remus.... :D
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This is quite possibly the most hilarious thing ever.

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I promise I'll stop stalking you guys with entries... But I just had to:

Why We're Still Gay Sirius/Remus (PG-13) DH spoilers

Made me smile like a lunatic :D

Also, Aaron Stanford owns my soul ♥ Maybe I'll make my next layout both Aaron Stanford and John Simm? :D
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I'm reading stuff about My Chemical Romance. I hate MCR. On princip though, mind you. I haven't heard a song by them. My little sister likes them so therefore it's only natural that I don't. I've heard bits though and at those points, I've only heard guitars. Anyway, so imagine my shock when I read stuff about My Chemical Romance and somehow I've now thrown myself into a fic and god, it's midnight and I'm going to ICA Maxi with my mother tomorrow (yes, I lead a life of adventure and fame *snort*) and I really should go to bed.

Also, I saw this in [ profile] candylea's journal I believe and I just had to do it.

Find out your Harry Potter personality at LiquidGeneration!

Who did you get? I'm not sure how I feel about my result. How do you feel about my result? :P Is it suiting? Or have the test gone completely bonkers?

Edit: My Lord... This mood icon looks like a cartoon or something :P
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I'm at least five years behind everyone else but... ♥

"Your lap is soft like a pillow is soft," Sirius points out. "But let'snot talk about that right now. We're talking about your inability tocommunicate."

"My inability to communicate?" Remus splutters. "My inability? Sirius, you're the one theorizing on the possibility of farting a star into existence!"

I'm just sayin' ;) Sirius and Lupin is the best kind of love there is. Also, I made a fic. Read:

Sirius met Lupin. They snogged. All was well.

the end.

Isn't it superb? :D

.... I think reading about Sirius high on Gillyweed might have affected me some. Welcome [ profile] gbrosa2007 to my flist :D See you're a newbie (or perhaps made a new journal?) but you're very much welcome nonetheless :D :D

Edit: I just must add this in because... it's frickin' beautiful. Oh, Remus, how I love you.

"Which is your favorite song?"

"I can't pick one," Remus says.

"Cabbagey answer," Sirius says. "Disqualified! Look, do I have to glue your hands to my head, or what? Can you make circles, like, with your thumbs? Right -- sweet God. Right like that..."

"I can't pick one. Look, you go on about me trying to make moments, right? Well, I don't even like moments. I like the...thing as a whole, I suppose. I like these two records together. The songs are all right, all of them, by themselves. But I like the two records. I like playing them from both sides in my yard while my father sings 'Sexy Sadie' to my mum very off-key and there's an airplane overhead. That isn't a moment, that's...what it's like. The whole picture. If I picked one song I'd have to break it down, and then I'd miss the whole point."


"I like to remember everything," Remus says, very quietly, so as not to wake him. "As it was. Because moments by themselves aren't enough; they're just -- they're like photographs. They move a little, they wave, but they aren't everything. You can look back on a moment and say 'In that moment I was happy' or, more often than not, 'In that moment I was uncomfortable' or 'In that moment I was sad' or 'In that moment we were all berks' but you can look back on everything and you think, 'That was good.' Because when all the moments come together, when all the songs meet up with one another, you get something whole and complete and wonderful, people you loved and people you hated and a fondness for them you may not be able to recapture but everything you remember about them being somehow more than they really were, because that's what remembering everything does. When I'm old, I think, I'll look back on this and I won't remember 'That time Sirius thought, if he lit a fart on fire, he could make a star come out of his arse' but I'll probably remember the stars themselves. I won't think 'He nearly choked me when he grabbed onto my tie' but I will think about the stupid doggy noises you're making, even right now, even while you're sleeping. It probably means remembering everything and not jumping from moment to moment like life is a game of leap-frog and should be taken experience to experience like lily-pads is foolish, because I won't remember you're often a berk and James is often a berk and Peter can be impressively inane and I am such a wet-blanket with such a large nose it's a miracle you don't hate me. I'll just remember that I talked for five minutes to a friend who was already sleeping and I was happy anyway." Remus pauses, sighs, and thumbs the side of Sirius' jaw, not noticing the path of his fingers. "You're not going to remember any of this. Which is probably good since this, my friend, is definitely babble. I hate Gillyweed. It makes you think everything is profound when, in reality, you're talking to yourself and no one else can translate the language that is You."
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Man, I'm more involved in the Harry Potter fandom now than I've been in years. You see, I've had DH spoilers  ) in my head all day. I've had lines that would be most useful in fics and I've been thinking about how absolutely lovely this pairing in question is. I've downloaded like... eight hundred fan mixes and I'm absolutely certain that this pairing is my OTP because quite frankly... most of these ships have been squeed and wanked over so much but... this pairing is sort of unexplored, untainted. Have you all read DH now? Can I use DH quote icons now?

^ thought that was important to ask since I have no idea what the HP status is on my flist, although I'm expect most of you have read it.

*swoon* My pairing is so loooovely. ♥ Oh, Snape, how I love you. But that's nothing new. I've hearted you since the first book.

It's scary how perfect some songs are to this specific pairing. Also I want DH spoilers again )

Speaking of, fan fic rec:
The Sorting Hat is Evil DH Spoilers ) HILARIOUS!
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I know everyone's done it but since this is the last book and all...

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows reactions, SPOILERS obviously )

Now off for a shower.

Thank you Harry Potter, for all of these wonderful years.
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I'm still a lot behind of my flist and I still won't be able to comment for another few days. My brain is dead, I bought a new magazine, some new clothes, got a little less than half Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows left (not sure if I like it yet, WHERE ARE MY BABIES?!) and I just feel generally uninspired. However, I do still love my John Simm &hearts , Dexter, Doctor Who, Heroes (I'm not in the mood of watching returns of it, so therefore there's little squeeage at the moment, but it will come really soon. Heroes friends, hang in there ;)) and all those other shows I'm seriously neglecting. I haven't been able to see an episode of Supernatural since Bloody Mary a few days ago but I'll see what I can do about it.

I'm thinking about ordering make-up from, has anyone else bought make-up there? Is it good?

*sigh* Gonna watch some old!Doctor Who (it's good but they talk too bloody much at times and it makes my head even deader. They need to show things more rather than just explain it) and then there's Midsomer Murders ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ (you can't have summer without Midsomer Murders!). Then I'm off to bed and tomorrow I will paint a house at work and hopefully finish Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. Would anyone be interested in a reaction post for me or has everyone done it too many times already?

Also, stealing this idea from [ profile] anythingbutgrey because I thought it'd be fun (don't hate me if you think parroting *this isn't an essay or such but still... I like the word 'parroting'* is really bad)
[Poll #1027152]
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My HP book is still not here. So, I won't get it until Monday. I was spoiled with a minor spoiler (it's fine, really, I mean, it's just a book and as long as the general plot wasn't revealed...) and I must admit that I'm a bit bummed about reading it. I never thought that when JKR said that "some fans with loathe the book", that she was perhaps talking about me. But the spoiler I was given has made me mightily confused, although on the same time not. Anyway, I won't go into details because details without reading the book sort of sucks.

Speaking of something not-HPish. Everyone should watch Traveler. Seriously. If you want to I can provide links so that you can see it YouTube style but the best way to see the show is to download it from Torrents because the creator goes online to see how large the fanbase is internationally.

Also, I've started to watch Old Doctor Who. My sister and I started with the Robus Experiment (I think it was called that) because we'd heard so much about Romana and we wanted to see her. So we did and I have a few comments:

- Sometimes the script is love
- Tom Baker is good when you can hear what he's saying (he speaks in such a low voice that it can be difficult for my computer to make the sound hearable.
- Romana is love.
- I do kind of ship Doctor/Romana. Because they are that awesome.

I made a quote yesterday after watching Traveler that I think was awesome. Implied spoilers for episode 7 )
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I'm using this icon again because for some reason, I'm obsessed with it. I just love writing entries with this as my icon. ♥

Words cannot express how tempted I am when I see titles such as 'The Deathly Hallows spoilery entry' and I know that all the information lies underneath a simple LJ-cut and all I have to do is to click it in order to find out what happens. It's a torment, a sweet torment. I definitely understand why some people have gone into hiatus mode while reading the book (while it's something I could never do myself). With one simple click, I can finally know if I'm gonna be sending JKR hatemail and if she's gonna make Harry/Ginny destined to be together (hearing Stephen Fry read the Ginny/Harry moments in HBP just reminded me what I have against that ship). I wish I could like it though. Also, I'm so very anxious about Snape, is he good? Is he evil? Before, I always thought it was obvious that he was a good guy, but it doesn't seem like a clean-cut case because there's at least some things that speaks for Snape being evil. *ponders*

I was in town and I bought these things:

Purchases )

I'm gonna do a photo with me actually in the clothes some day, but I'm too hungry to do it now :P
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I'm sitting right now, at half past nine on a Saturday morning, typing up this entry. LiveJournal seems to almost be on Harry Potter hiatus. Everyone's out reading the Deathly Hallows and I, who can't get the book until Monday at the earliest. I managed to find an audio book read by Stephen Fry (The Half-Blood Prince). It's absolutely lovely but I do wish that it would be available for purchase in normal stores over here. Alas, it's not.

Happy birthday [ profile] mid_november, I hope you'll have a great one.

I've figured out that Doctor Who is the most crossover friendly fandom around. Closely followed by Harry Potter and then Buffy (but sadly, that fandom is almost dead these days *cries*). Would you like to read a Harry Potter/Doctor Who crossover? I'm thinking about writing one, but instead of using the "golden trio" (as they are called for some reason which has escaped me) I thought I'd much rather try out and use... like, Lavender, Ron, Luna and Draco. Harry's too wrapped up in his fight with Voldemort to team up with the Doctor anyway. Would you be interested in reading it? I feel a special fondness, especially for the three latter characters, and feel that Lavender... well, I blame it on the fact that she started to fancy Ron and that's what made me wanna write her in this :P

I have a newly found love for gen-like fics. Shippy stuff in all its glory but gen makes you hint things and you can hint the most outrageous things without having to bring them together (aka unresolved subtext). And especially in the Doctor Who fandom. I love Doctor/Rose as the next person, but I don't have to babble about how much the Doctor loves Rose beyond all else (erhm... he does love her but I can not make a comment on the old school because I haven't seen it) and instead focus on the story, which is a great deal much more fun.

I've just posted another chapter of The Doctor Will See You Now, which you can check out ;) If you want to :D
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Happy birthday [ profile] ritinha :D

It's kind of weird. I sort of half expected a few happy birthday wishes to pop up on my flist (you know, without me totally advertising my birthday) but I sort of ended up having... two, I think. It's okay really but it makes me feel a bit bummed when I see people who have both me and my sister on their friendslist and they wish her happy birthday and... oh well, there's no way I can finish that sentence and not sound like a selfish three year-old.

Welcome [ profile] deus_maxwell to my flist. Enjoy your stay here :D

I got to order Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows for my birthday which is awesome. Found a place that has it for only 150 SEK.

Saw OOTP. Was great. Thoughts later
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I saw Driving Lessons. I cried. Is that wrong of me?

Everyone has seen Order of the Phoenix, or so it feels like, but I have two more days to go before it airs here. On my birthday, no less.

Still writing like a total maniac. Also, I have to go and read because I have to finish OOTP before the movie. So I have about two hundred pages to read in two days. Easy ;)

I hope there will be some Remus/Sirius in the movie, but don't let me know if there's gonna be. I REALLY hope there will be though.


I'm a bit insane, yes
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Happy birthday [ profile] entangled_now! I hope you'll have a fantastic one.

I started working on my other job today. Two hours later, I'm strangely exhausted. I'm working with one guy I "know" I went in the same class as him about... four years ago, called Joel. He's really kind and the other people I work with are from Obbola (our neighbouring "village") and are sort of... I wouldn't call them dumb but they seem to be the kind of guys that think blowing up things are cool and that working with engines is perhaps the best thing one could do.

The best part about today is that I found out that Joel has seen Life on Mars (!) I don't know how many episodes but I bet it's at least two because he remembered that Life on Mars by David Bowie was played during Life on Mars and he was giving me a short summary of the plot (quite accurately, which people don't tend to do over here). Totally made me squee. And he has his birthday close to mine (which I knew), so when his birthday's tomorrow, I have to remember to say 'happy birthday to him'.

Off to read Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.
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Happy birthday [ profile] eirian, I hope you'll have an awesome one :D

I saw a 'Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix: Behind the Magic' documentary on television yesterday and I'm definitely feeling the Evanna Lynch love. She's the perfect Luna. Her voice is sort of dreamy and abstract and just... very Luna-like. Also, I was definitely feeling the Harry/Luna love.

Details )

In conclusion I'm rather certain that this will be the best Harry Potter movie yet. It's extremely true to the book from what I've seen and... squee!

I can't stop using John Simm icons. Just... look how cute he is! :D If I don't, I feel like something's missing. I shall go youtubing later on after I've taken a shower. After that I'm off to work. *sigh* Apparently it's gonna be a lot of stuff that I have to do tomorrow *headdesk* Also I hope I'll have a chance to continue to write my Lucy/Master fic because... they pwn.

Also, I've made a couple of icons, anyone want me to post them? There is 29 Just Like Heaven icons (I love that movie!) and 31 Master/Lucy icons so far. I'll make some Harry Potter icons to go with it.

Edit: I just found this on a site. This is what Evanna Lynch said when she was asked who she ships in the book:
"I ship all the normal ones - Ginny/Harry, Ron/Hermione, blah blah blah. But I do have a strange one, which is Luna/Dumbledore. I think they would be quite perfect. They're both so detached, so otherworldly and so comfortable with themselves and they have this uncommon fearlessness of death. They also both have quirky hobbies and deep minds and I can see them getting along a storm. I don't see this ship sailing, of course. It's just one which I think could have had potential, aided along by a time-turner"

Did I say that she's the sweetest ever? I could have some comments about her shipping Harry/Ginny but Luna/Dumbledore FTW! :D


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