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From here on out, I vow to use my lovely LJ more frequently. I haven't checked my flist in forever and well... You know.

I came back a few hours ago from work (I work at Subway) and my legs are sore and I can't wait to go to bed. While I work and so on, I feel pretty productive and I don't working but before and after are pretty shit because you pretty much realize that you wouldn't do it unless you got money for it. After all, I don't work because I enjoy it - at least not at Subway - and it's probably one of the most tedious and unrewarding jobs you could have, working at a place like that. So much to think about and so much to do, and if you do it right, it's not like someone will compliment you.

I sort of discovered Adele's To Make You Feel My Love and I adore that song ♥ Why haven't I discovered this singer before?
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Supernatural's most recent episode was pretty OK. I do think it was sort of funny and bizarre but the arc part of the episode was so much better than the crack. The wank surrounding this episode is hilarious to read.

I've recently watched all of Lipstick Jungle and I'm sort of surprised to say that it wasn't really that bad. Except I didn't like Brooke Shield's character. At all. Otherwise, it was pretty good.

Sorry I haven't written in a while. RL is crazy and in a few minutes I have to get ready to work.

Lots of love to all of you! :D
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I'm finally writing on my essay for Swedish class! You have no idea how much I need to get this finished this weekend. It's going to be like essay boot camp or something like that.

My dad moved their computer into the room I sleep in while I'm here so expect me to be online more now during the weekends I'm here :D

I was at the hospital, getting my treatment (a few shots that they give my leg - might sound a bit weird to you) and well... I was exhausted afterwards and generally the day hasn't been that good, but I'm not bummed about it. C'est la vie. I expect it will get a lot better during tonight. And then I'm going to watch Supernatural! :D :D And the Skins finale!!! :D

Truth be told, the SPN episode doesn't seem to be that good (at least not compared to last week's episode) and Skins... well, I never really got that Effy/Freddie/Cook triangle.
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I didn't get into St Andrews either.

Not really surprised but I'm so glad that I finally got all my responses from the unis. So now I'm going to Glasgow Uni and I'm probably going to study English Lit, History and Philosophy, with honours in English Lit (as it seems now but I can always change my mind later).

It feels great! I can finally start planning like nuts so I totally approve :D
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Title: "Apathy Like Disguise" (1/?)
Pairing: Paul/Echo, hinted Alpha/Echo
Rating: right now PG or PG-13 but eventually R
Summary: He didn't just want to find the Dollhouse. He wanted to destroy it.
Spoilers: 1x06 Man on the Street
Notes: My take on... well, everything. Why Paul's so obsessed about the Dollhouse, the reason for Alpha's obsession with Echo etc. This is sort of how I imagine things will unfold later in the series but there aren't any spoilers, just how I think everything will develop. Sort of. This was too fun an opportunity to pass up. - Sorry for the unbetad state of it, but I hope you'll enjoy it nevertheless. I hope you'll read it and enjoy it.

Oh, by the way, the change of tense in certain places is totally intentional, unless it's in the middle of a 'section'.

Like most nights, the word Dollhouse echoed in his head like a mad man's mantra. But he didn't care, that was what kept him going. )
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I usually don't talk about Gossip Girl these days but...

cut for spoilers for 2x18 - The Age of Dissonance )

We're having a UN roleplay this year (again) at school and now that I'm in the senior class it's time for me to step up and make a speech that won't embarrass the hell out of me like last year - but now when I remember last year it was good fun do more stuff actively in that roleplay and this year I'm becoming Russia! In a way a challenge because I had hoped for a less... I don't know. But nevertheless, I have to start researching Russia as well as I can now so that I'm well-prepared, even if I don't know the subject yet. I'm a dork like that. But if it's something about the environment, I'm going to be seriously displeased. I have a 50 point course that focuses on environmental politics. I hope this year is going to be good.

If anyone wants to help me get info on Russia, that would be greatly appreciated. Are there any subjects which Russia really has strong believes in? I happen to know that their environmental awareness might not be the best in the world... Or so I claimed when I researched it for class earlier.

Now I'm going to watch the rest of Che: Part One with Benicio del Torro ♥ (another reminder why I'm still taking Spanish class!)

I need to remove this cold. ASAP.
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Hi guys,
I'm still alive but I haven't checked my flist this entire week. A sad but true fact. I'm a busy chica, and right now I'm also an extremely exhausted chica. I'm worried I might be catching a cold and yesterday I slept 3 hours (the reason why was lovely but the aftermath - not so much). Today I'm going to try to work at Subway so keep your fingers crossed that I'll get the job! :D

Have a great day you all :D *hugs you*
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One thing is for sure, Skins never fails to impress these days.

3x07: JJ (reactions, spoilers for episode) )
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Ok, I'm sitting here eating dinner (pasta and meat balls - AGAIN! Only fourteen meat balls left... Maybe tomorrow... I will eat something other than meat balls. But I love them, we're just going through a rough patch) and I don't know... because of my sometime obsessive persona, I've gone on a little photoshopping spree and I'm loving Boys over Flowers. I've watched all the episodes that have aired so far (how looooong till the next episode I ask, how loooong?) and I've even managed to get some art done. But right now I have to admit that I'm really hoping to share this show with you so therefore I introduce.... My Introduction Guide to Boys Over Flowers. Warning for potential crap.

Introduction Guide to Boys Over Flowers )
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Today has been a day of financial woe, as those of you who have read my entries today have been very much aware of. I promise I'm not usually this dramatic (and I'm still working on that About Me post...) and well... it all started with me showing my grandmother where me and my sister are going to be, at least where we think we'll be, and we started to look on accommodation costs and so forth and therefore, I had all of this economy angst. It's somewhat more stable now though.

And thankfully, [ profile] fridizh brightened my day by inviting me to her house in Nordmaling on Saturday and those who helped during my panic attack with the tuition fees are complete angels. Without you, I'd probably be sitting in a corner somewhere, crying because I was so afraid.

And because of this mess with the economy, I've decided to structure my life more properly. I'm going to stop feeling sorry for myself and try to do something about my situation. I'm going to apply for a job (there's this thing on [insert day] that I'm going to go to). Sometimes when life really seems to attack me on all angles, I get this 'lay down and pretend to be dead' response and sometimes, most often, I get a 'let's do something constructive of this' response. When it comes to getting a job, I'll most likely do the first and feel sorry for myself. When it's uni, I'll get the second response.

As I mentioned before, pre all my financial talk, I've started to watch Boys over Flowers, and I adore it even though I've already seen the Japanese one, and now I've got my sister hooked on it as well! :D Score! :D
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Just when I thought this day couldn't get much more stressful...


... seriously. If I have, I will die. Or at least suffer a severe mental breakdown.

Take a look here and see what conclusions you can draw.

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I'm soo tired right now. I've just spent like half an hour showing our grandmother where I might end up in Scotland and the accommodation prices and it's just recently dawned on me that the probability of me affording to go to Scotland is slim. Very slim. I'm probably only going to afford to eat like three times a week. The rent is going to kill me. At Glasgow, the rent is about £69,37 and to think that I have to include food and books into this makes my head hurt.

... why can't my parents be rich?
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I'm watching the Korean version of Hana Yori Dango, Boys over Flowers and I have to say that I completely adore it. It's like the most delicious hilarity, exaggerated drama and sweeeeeet romance all rolled into one lovely show. I've "only" seen three episodes so far but I think I like it much more than the original. ♥
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I went on a book sale today and I bought two books; A Russian Diary: A Journalist's Final Account of Life, Corruption, and Death in Putin's Russia by Anna Politkovskaya and Mein lieber Reichskanzler! by Staffan Thorsell. The later is googable for English speaking people (and also the title is really revealing) but the latter book deals with the relationship between Sweden and Germany during the Nazi era. I think both books are going to be incredibly interesting and I can't wait to read them. Seriously. *loves them* And they were really cheap too; 89 SEK and 99 SEK respectively.

Welcome [ profile] vkitty to my flist :D I hope you're gonna enjoy it here :D
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Edinburgh just rejected my application.

I'm a little bit bummed, but not entirely heartbroken. I know that regardless of where I end up, I will make my best to learn, which is essentially why I'm there. What bothers me most perhaps is that I don't have a reason for the unsuccessfulness of my application which is perhaps the most bothersome. I don't think I'm sad, but I guess I'm disappointed in a way. But I know I did my best so to be honest there was really nothing I could do.

But so far my status goes:

Aberdeen - English (Conditional)
Dundee - English (Conditional)
Edinburgh - English Literature (Unsuccessful)
Glasgow - English Literature (Conditional)
St Andrews - English (Acknowledged)

So I'm keeping my fingers crossed that St Andrews will accept me into their programme, but even if they don't, I'm perfectly content going to Glasgow.
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I've started reading some vampire books. Or at least I've started reading one, which is great. It is Vampire Academy by Richelle Mead. It's actually pretty good, even though the name is somewhat questionable. I've read the first book and I'm just about to start with the second, Frostbite. Yay!

I want to welcome my newest friends to my flist :D [ profile] airdate, [ profile] elisangelis, [ profile] loversatnight, [ profile] myfoolisheart, [ profile] xcarlie_x and [ profile] nikkidarling :D I hope you all have a wonderful time here on my flist and that we'll talk loads and... yeah, huge welcome :D

I'm thinking about making an About Me post, now when I realize that I've never made one and it might be tricky for new people to sort of get a "grasp" on who I am without one since I sometimes have a tendency to write about things I've already written about without fully explaining. And if not for that purpose, you might learn some funny little details about me. ^^ Would you be interested in reading a post like that?
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Title: It Doesn't Mean Anything Anyway
Pairing: Cook/Freddie
Rating: I'm gonna say R, just to be safe.
Summary: Pre-series. Something that never happened - or at least it didn’t mean anything.
Spoilers: 3x05 Freddie
Notes: My first Skins fic EVER! *nervously bites nails* Also, thank you sooooooooo much to [ profile] x_xblackout for betaing this for me. Really, you're a pearl, thank you. I'm usually pretty crap when it comes to thanking my betas, but now I'm turning on a new leaf. Comments are much appreciated as well as constructive criticism.

Maybe that's why all of them were friends: JJ was the brain, Freddie the glue and Cook the engine. Together, they were one pretty fucking awesome machine. )
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Episode Reaction: Dollhouse 1x02 The Target )


Feb. 21st, 2009 10:29 am
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I have written a ~2300 word long Cook/Freddie fan fic that I might or might not do something about. Anyone wanna beta?

I just wish that the unis would be in touch and let me know what kind of a chance I have. I'm so grateful for Edinburgh, Aberdeen and Dundee for being in touch (although the first is the only one I'm really interested in out of the three) and now I hope that St Andrews and Edinburgh will soon follow their example. This waiting is sort of torture because I'd love to be able to plan, but sadly this lack of response keeps me from doing so...
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Episode Reaction: Skins 2x05 Freddie - SPOILERS - with picspam )


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