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If Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles gets cancelled, I'll be a very very sad chica. The show is pretty cool and I love the Cameron/John thing. THEY CAN'T LEAVE IT LIKE IT IS NOW. WHAT ABOUT THE FUTURE?

Lately, I've been so tired that I've gone up too late so it's always ended with me rushing out of the house in stress so I can catch the bus without eating breakfast. I don't really know what I've done but I've been exhausted lately. And tomorrow I'm going to dad's because they're going out of town and I'm going to be there - studying :D :D And taking care of the cat, obviously. ^^

Also, I haven't seen House in forever, I just realized that by reading my flist. I stopped watching when House/Cuddy became a thing. Not BECAUSE they became a thing, but that relationship has never really done it for me and there was a long lack of Wilson which made me abandon the show right now. House/Wilson is epic. ♥ I love and remember all those lovely storylines (for example House and Wilson's long going fight because of the thing with the Vicodin etc) that happened back in the day. Where are they? *sniff*
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