Apr. 27th, 2009

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I'm working on my killer essay right now and let me tell you, it's killer. I'm trying to shorten it down a little bit but it feels like I'm not accurately portraying the complexity of the political event which I'm writing about (the Cuban revolution). I've just recently stopped writing about the time leading up to the revolution (16th century and forward) till the end of the revolution (2nd of January 1959) and I've done a brief description of the political climate of that time. Right now I'm writing about Ernesto Guevara and later I shall determine the importance of his presence during the revolution (which ultimately, wasn't great even if he was already then somewhat of an admired and mysterious character).

What have I written so far? Well, 4,467 words should give you a rough estimate just how much overboard this essay have gone. I love the madness, but I know deep down - that I can't overdo it.

Other than that, fandom life has as you can tell, sort of stopped in midstream. I'm putting everything on pause because I have this assignment to turn in on Wednesday and it's absolutely ESSENTIAL that I get it in by then because otherwise, I will DIE.

I applied for the SAAS tutition-paying thing today! Yay! I called SAAS just to make sure that my application was correct and then I sent it in. Thanks a million for all the help I got! I know I didn't say it in the comments or before, but just so you know that I APPRECIATED IT GREATLY.

Now a question for you, flist, since I'm greatly curious: Do you have something, aside from TV shows and the like, which you are really passionate about/interested in? My own interest lies in philosophical debates and history and politics, although I'm more or less a novice on all of these areas. I just love anything that will prove to be an interlectual challenge.
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It doesn't matter if I titled myself as 'Ms' or 'Miss' on my SAAS application, right? I mean, they can't like... reject my application because of it, right? *is and has been silly*

I think this extended period of time with my essay has turned my brain into an illogical entity which makes me unable to completely save myself from embarrassing mistakes that are actually really minor...

I need an answer on this in order to have something of a peaceful state of mind.


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