Mar. 27th, 2009

starsthatshine: (smallville: let her go)
I'm finally writing on my essay for Swedish class! You have no idea how much I need to get this finished this weekend. It's going to be like essay boot camp or something like that.

My dad moved their computer into the room I sleep in while I'm here so expect me to be online more now during the weekends I'm here :D

I was at the hospital, getting my treatment (a few shots that they give my leg - might sound a bit weird to you) and well... I was exhausted afterwards and generally the day hasn't been that good, but I'm not bummed about it. C'est la vie. I expect it will get a lot better during tonight. And then I'm going to watch Supernatural! :D :D And the Skins finale!!! :D

Truth be told, the SPN episode doesn't seem to be that good (at least not compared to last week's episode) and Skins... well, I never really got that Effy/Freddie/Cook triangle.


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