Mar. 21st, 2009

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Title: "Apathy Like Disguise" (1/?)
Pairing: Paul/Echo, hinted Alpha/Echo
Rating: right now PG or PG-13 but eventually R
Summary: He didn't just want to find the Dollhouse. He wanted to destroy it.
Spoilers: 1x06 Man on the Street
Notes: My take on... well, everything. Why Paul's so obsessed about the Dollhouse, the reason for Alpha's obsession with Echo etc. This is sort of how I imagine things will unfold later in the series but there aren't any spoilers, just how I think everything will develop. Sort of. This was too fun an opportunity to pass up. - Sorry for the unbetad state of it, but I hope you'll enjoy it nevertheless. I hope you'll read it and enjoy it.

Oh, by the way, the change of tense in certain places is totally intentional, unless it's in the middle of a 'section'.

Like most nights, the word Dollhouse echoed in his head like a mad man's mantra. But he didn't care, that was what kept him going. )


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