Mar. 6th, 2009

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Ok, I'm sitting here eating dinner (pasta and meat balls - AGAIN! Only fourteen meat balls left... Maybe tomorrow... I will eat something other than meat balls. But I love them, we're just going through a rough patch) and I don't know... because of my sometime obsessive persona, I've gone on a little photoshopping spree and I'm loving Boys over Flowers. I've watched all the episodes that have aired so far (how looooong till the next episode I ask, how loooong?) and I've even managed to get some art done. But right now I have to admit that I'm really hoping to share this show with you so therefore I introduce.... My Introduction Guide to Boys Over Flowers. Warning for potential crap.

Introduction Guide to Boys Over Flowers )
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One thing is for sure, Skins never fails to impress these days.

3x07: JJ (reactions, spoilers for episode) )


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