Mar. 2nd, 2009

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I'm watching the Korean version of Hana Yori Dango, Boys over Flowers and I have to say that I completely adore it. It's like the most delicious hilarity, exaggerated drama and sweeeeeet romance all rolled into one lovely show. I've "only" seen three episodes so far but I think I like it much more than the original. ♥
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I'm soo tired right now. I've just spent like half an hour showing our grandmother where I might end up in Scotland and the accommodation prices and it's just recently dawned on me that the probability of me affording to go to Scotland is slim. Very slim. I'm probably only going to afford to eat like three times a week. The rent is going to kill me. At Glasgow, the rent is about £69,37 and to think that I have to include food and books into this makes my head hurt.

... why can't my parents be rich?
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Just when I thought this day couldn't get much more stressful...


... seriously. If I have, I will die. Or at least suffer a severe mental breakdown.

Take a look here and see what conclusions you can draw.

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Today has been a day of financial woe, as those of you who have read my entries today have been very much aware of. I promise I'm not usually this dramatic (and I'm still working on that About Me post...) and well... it all started with me showing my grandmother where me and my sister are going to be, at least where we think we'll be, and we started to look on accommodation costs and so forth and therefore, I had all of this economy angst. It's somewhat more stable now though.

And thankfully, [ profile] fridizh brightened my day by inviting me to her house in Nordmaling on Saturday and those who helped during my panic attack with the tuition fees are complete angels. Without you, I'd probably be sitting in a corner somewhere, crying because I was so afraid.

And because of this mess with the economy, I've decided to structure my life more properly. I'm going to stop feeling sorry for myself and try to do something about my situation. I'm going to apply for a job (there's this thing on [insert day] that I'm going to go to). Sometimes when life really seems to attack me on all angles, I get this 'lay down and pretend to be dead' response and sometimes, most often, I get a 'let's do something constructive of this' response. When it comes to getting a job, I'll most likely do the first and feel sorry for myself. When it's uni, I'll get the second response.

As I mentioned before, pre all my financial talk, I've started to watch Boys over Flowers, and I adore it even though I've already seen the Japanese one, and now I've got my sister hooked on it as well! :D Score! :D


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