Feb. 8th, 2009

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Is Internet broken? The last two days it feels as though I'm living in a bubble and for the most part, it feels as though there's no one out there in cyberspace. Where are all the people? At the forums, things are silent, LJ has some activity and my guilty-pleasure celebrity blogs have all been close to non-existent in terms of updates. So it feels like I'm living in a bubble and I'm growing convinced that something massive has happened in the world but thanks to the isolation I'm suffering, it's surpassing me completely.

I'm also downloading various music videos from YouTube to my iPod and sadly because I'm uncreative, I can't think of any ship besides Morgana/Arthur and Clark/Lois videos that I can download to my iPod. I'm thinking maybe Lexie/Mark. I feel like I'm missing something bluntly obvious.


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