Feb. 3rd, 2009

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I don't know what it is about Gossip Girl that makes me break my hiatus officially but here goes...

Gossip Girl 2x17 Carnal Knowledge )

My throat still hurts. A lot. :(
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So, sickness update (because for some reason I like to talk about it):

Good news: Fever's gone.
Bad news: ... so is my ability to speak.
Today's wisdom: ... you can't have everything?

I'm not really whining, I just find the fact that I can't speak incredibly hilarious especially since I'm pretty good at it. There's a level of irony to it all. I mean, now that my fever and most of my pain is gone, I could go back to school if it wasn't so that my voice has deminished considerably and my throat really hurts.

Again, not complaining, merely pointing out the irony of it all.


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