Jan. 9th, 2009

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I'm currently watching Pretty In Pink (IMDB for anyone who's interested) and it's sort of really sweet. I've already seen The Breakfast Club and Sixteen Candles and they're all really cute movies. Of course, I've seen far too little of PIP in order to make an accurate decision but... it's really adorable. I love chickflicks like that. (Any suggestions where I could find some more?)

I had the weirdest dream today. I'm serious. Warning for a weird, and in my opinion, slightly disturbed dream:

I dreamt that my school's principle was nuts and there was this priest that was really amiable that moved to another school just nearby and in the meanwhile, the principle was planning to take over the school and enlisted some second years to help him. They were getting paid and finally when his coup started, it turned out it were this really strong acid-concentrated bullets that would basically burn your entire skin off and when the "product" was introduced, which was what it was called, some took it as a way to help your dental condition (which was what the principle said, as he said how the acid bullets would burn your gums away and therefore you wouldn't have to worry about cavities) but the majority understood the gravity of the product and then began to flee. Most of them were shot down and killed and I remember from the dream that I was trying to protect my friends and then, as we've battled our way through the school, we're just about to go up on a hill when my sister gets shot but I wipe it away really quickly, leaving myself infected with the slow-burning acid. We make our way over the hill when suddenly we see the priest's new school, that is almost identical to ours with barbedwire and whatnot around the premises and even if we're getting a bad feeling, we jump so that we can seek protection there but as we're about to land we see that the same thing is happening at that school, lead by the priest who's evidently lost his mind, and I fall a a little bit closer to the school and as I land I get killed by a group of young girls. I then become a ghost and see how everyone's sad over my death (my friends are safe, not getting hurt any more) and I get sad over the fact that I can't hug them and comfort them.

As I said, a weird dream. And I swear, this was how it happened. ... Somehow I think it's some sort of anxiety dream or something (especially since I'm terrified by acids of all kinds). Have you ever had dreams like that?
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I feel as though I might've been a little bit... snobbish when I saw Pride and Prejudice '05 last year. I don't know. I feel, looking back on the experience, that I was sort of taken aback by the sort of... outburst of emotions that seemed to be happening on the screen (even though it might just have been like that because it was a different expression and deliverance made by the actors) compared to the cosy old Pride and Prejudice '95 version which I have here at home which I think will follow me to Scotland because I'm a dork like that (oh my - should I even bring DVDs?!).

I wanna like it. It feels more as though I disliked it purely on principle because it felt sort of like... a Jane Austen for dummies. Not that the dialogue or anything has to be particularly complex (I'm not that much of a snob) but it felt as though the consequences of everything were taken a bit lightly, from what I can recall. Then again, it was a long time since I watched it. I need to rewatch it. And the icon I'm using is a testimonial of my good faith.

By the way, I was elected member of the board yesterday at the political youth party meeting. Fun stuff, but I have no idea how "serious" the election process was. For all I know, they called all the members on their list and were like 'oh - wanna be on the board?' since they wanted to talk to both my sister and me, but then again... We both could've been nominated. I don't know. Even if the election process weren't that serious (as far as I'm aware) it's going to be fun. I feel as though I'll learn loads. Which is great. I'm going to miss all of this political stuff when I'm in Scotland ('cause I've decided that I'm going - even if I only get into Dundee).

It would be so interesting to discuss politics with you guys but it seems as though... I don't know. It just seems like every time I mention politics, it's all very silent. Even if you don't agree with my political views, it would be great to hear what you believe and how that is. (For example, if any one of you turn out to be a Moderat member of a Swedish party, I'd adore to hear your point of view because my dad (who is a moderat) can't really pinpoint why he votes the way he does and I'm really interested how people think who do not come from the same socio-economic background as myself)


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