Jan. 7th, 2009

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Huge welcome to all the new people on my flist :D There's quite a few but it feels like I'd forget someone if I counted them so I'm not going to so that no one will feel left out (but you're all equally welcome anyway, it's just that I'm a bit tired)

Speaking of tired. That's just what I am. Tired. It's 3 am right now and I can't sleep even though I really want to. But I think it's because I'm so hyped/scared/many other things about the possibility of going to uni somewhere that's not Sweden. Talk about taking a step out of your comfort zone (it's more me leaping out of my comfort zone and taking a dip into unknown waters) and I started to think about things like 'all my CDs - are they worth taking?' 'What are the chances of a laptop being stolen?' etc. All those things that you'd probably know if you lived there but when you don't... I mean, the thought of being away from my DVDs for a year... or my Josh Groban CDs... I'd so miss it. And having a laptop seems almost mandatory since it allows you to, without any inconvenience, write essays and whatnot, but I don't want to invest in something that might get stolen.

Aside from university, I've been watching Party Animals with Matt Smith. It's actually quite lovely. And it's so fun to see so many people I recognize in that show. I think it's a really good show but maybe that's because I'm interested in politics... And Matt Smith's character, Danny, is utter adorable. Seriously. Look up adorable, and you'll see his character. ♥
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I'm actually in the middle of watching Party Animals (with Matt Smith - not a total coincidence) and I just have to say that I really love it. I've just seen episode seven so the probably very awesome finale is something I'm going to watch tomorrow. I really really like it. I think the actors are great and politics is really interesting and yeah... give it a shot. It's only eight episodes, but it's eight really good episodes.

Not to be completely one-minded, I'm still anxiously waiting on more UCAS results. I know there's no point in waiting but it's sort of like... sweet self-torture. Completely unavoidable.

Tomorrow I will go into town because apparently there's this big annual meeting in the youth party I'm in. It's going to be quite interesting, I think, but I suddenly feel all this pressure on making myself look pretty. Which is frustrating because when it comes to certain aspects, like my appearance, I'm the laziest person alive. Seriously. I'm quite sure I could win an award if there ever was one.


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