Jan. 5th, 2009

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I've just been in town today and I've spent an enormous amount of money considering that I can't afford it (well, depending on who you ask). I've bought this face cleaner thing (because I realized that my face looks terrible) at the pharmacy and I must be the only one who thinks that going to the pharmacy is much funnier than going to H&M for example... I always feel as though it's so much fun when I'm buying non-prescripted things and I always feel as though I'm getting good stuff. Which is why I bought the face cleaning stuff at the pharmacy rather than H&M or something like that. But maybe I just have some sort of crazy idea. I also bought a top for 200 SEK, which is sort of expensive according to me, but it was sort of lovely, so I had to. I also bought some tea (Earl Grey, fairtrade) which was something I sort of gave myself rather than it being necessary. While shopping, I was sipping on a chai latte and I also bought two bras. I guess the estimated amount of my spendings are on about 400-600 SEK. Somewhere along those lines.

Which is a lot for me.

But I don't care. Most of these stuff I needed so, I don't mind.

Right now I'm so exhausted that I'm thinking about popping in a Josh Groban CD in my CD player and lay on my bed and listen to it for a while.


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